#Last90DaysChallenge…The Catalyst That Moved the Dial

October 1, 2019 marks the Last 90 Days Challenge!  It’s about making the last 90 days of the year a time of growth, self-improvement, health, and wellness as we head to 2020!  During these 90 days, you will build habits that will have you starting off not only the new year like a badass, but you will be ramping up to kicking ass in a whole new decade!

Last year was a difficult year for me, actually the worst of 4 previous difficult years.  If you read my post, “Finding Meaning in Loss”, you know that I lost one of my favorite people in the universe, my grandma; prior to that, I was grieving the closing of a precious chapter in my life and trying to figure out how to do life as an empty nester.  I was to a point where I was about to just settle into the idea that the best years of my life had passed.

Then, in September/October of 2018 I discovered all things Rachel Hollis, including her #Last90DaysChallenge.  I decided to give it a try because it didn’t seem too overwhelming; it ended up becoming the catalyst that helped move me from a place of depression, grief, and settling to a place of empowerment, kicking depression to the curb, self-improvement, and starting to dream again—believing I was made for more.

I started an amazing journey of allowing myself to take care of me for a change, to realize that it was okay for me to use my time to focus on what I wanted, and to realize this was the beginning of a new chapter and time in my life.  I want you to want that for yourself too!  I am going to give just a quick preview of the things you need to know to get started tomorrow.  Remember we are not going for perfection—we are working towards improvement, towards better than the day before.  So here is the foundation the challenge is built upon:  5 to Thrive.   These 5 things focus on health, wellness, and self-care.

5 to Thrive Image for FB and Blog

  1. Make time for self-care/get up 1 hour earlier: This is so you have at least 1 hour a day just for you to do something for you (if you can’t get up one hour earlier, then stay up an hour later or carve out an hour at some point in the day that is strictly only time for you).
  2. HYDRATE-Drink half your body weight in water: If you weigh 200 pounds, then you want to drink 100 oz. of water a day.
  3. Move your body for 30 minutes: This doesn’t have to be a killer cardio session.  In fact, it could just be taking a walk.  If you can’t do 30 minutes all at once, break it down into three 10 minute walks or dance to 3 favorite songs several times a day, just move your body.
  4. Give up one category of food: Now, you can give up a different category every 30 days or stick with one for the duration of the challenge.  Examples:  soda, fast food, alcohol, bread, candy, etc.
  5. Gratitude practice: EVERY DAY, either in the morning or at night, write down 5 things you are grateful for.  These are not supposed to be big grandiose things, rather, focus on the small ordinary things (the first sip of coffee, the smell of a newborn’s head, you’re breathing, a stranger held the door for you, sound of wind chimes, etc.).

I will take a deeper dive into all of this throughout the rest of the week and beyond.  It’s something that really helped me come up out a very low period in my life—it can be life changing!

I have added to the above list for myself this year because I want to move the dial again.  One of the things on my challenge list is to write everyday—that does not mean I will post every day because I am also writing on other projects too, BUT, I will be posting regularly as this blog is part of a larger goal and dream.

I would love to have you join me in creating a community of thrivers to encourage, support, and cheer each other on.  Please stay tuned to my fb page and/or follow my blog via email for new posts.

Have a fantastic week!  e

Other resources you may find of interest:

Start Today Morning Show with Rachel and Dave Hollis which is LIVE on fb and Instagram M-F at 8AM cst (you can view on Rachael Hollis Instagram and Facebook page or listen to it via podcast)

Join the #MadeforMore fb group for people in the #Last90DaysChallenge

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